A New Blog for a New Year

All my life, I’ve liked the idea of keeping a diary – a precious account of my day-to-day life that I could read and smile over years later. There was one problem though – every time I embarked on a journaling adventure, I couldn’t keep it up more than a week. Even those “line a day” journals were sadly abandoned after a month at best.

A few years ago, I moved away from home and started a blog so that my family could read up on my adventures as much (or as little) as they pleased. Since then, that teeny little blog has grown into the huge website of JetSetBrunette.ca. I love posting my travel adventures¬†and how-to’s for living in¬†foreign countries, but my life is more than travelling and working and studying abroad.

Then two weeks before my 22nd birthday, I moved to Dublin; just because I could, really. I started a new life with new friends and a new year was just around the corner. I wanted a place where I could post my day-to-day adventures; the little ones like the fresh strawberries I bought at the farmer’s market or my new favourite book. So here we are.

I write this on the 16th of June, my last day of being 21; tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. And I couldn’t be happier with my life right now. A new adventure starts for me tomorrow, and ready or not, here I come!