My first casting call

Today I attended my first casting call! As someone who was never fond of drama class, I have decided to challenge myself with a new and exciting opportunity.

I had recently applied via mail to Ashford Studios in Co. Wicklow to be an extra in the upcoming Season 5 of Vikings. Afterwards, I had heard that Ardmore Studios in Bray was also looking for new extras for upcoming dramas, period pieces, commercials and films. They had a casting call at a nearby hotel so I decided to sign up and see what happens.

Now I just wait and see if the telephone rings. Maybe I will have the chance to see the movie industry from behind the scenes! *fingers crossed*


A Game of Thrones birthday

So today is my birthday! As the girls all work on this otherwise-normal Friday, I decided to head out on a Game of Thrones tour of the sets and countryside of Northern Ireland. I visited Winterfell, the Frey, North of the Wall and many other locations. I also had the chance to meet the two direwolves Summer and Gray Wind, aka Odin and Thor!

I now have tons of great photos from the trip, but here are my favourites so far 🙂

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